Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of service do you provide?

Our online service allows customers to search for drugs with convenience while always saving time. When using our product, a search for any medication is carried out within a few seconds. A customer has the ability instantly find even the rarest of drugs while also knowing the current price and availability. We regularly work to improve the user interface for maximum visitor convenience.

How are the prices of medicines formed?

Our website works by studying the internet for the availability of drugs sold in online pharmacies via a special program that operates throughout the country. The availability of drugs sold in pharmacies is regularly updated. Once each hour we receive updated information on the availability of drugs.
If any data is not updated at least once every 24 hours we are quick to remove the old content from our database. This provides our users with the most current information that is available.

How is the search performed?

Within the search box, a user must type in the name of the drug that is of interest. The search results will then appear in a table showing dosages available for the drug, the number of tablets in a package, prices, and a list of pharmacies in which the medications are currently available.

Our web service also provides customers the ability to search for errors. Sometimes a user is not able to remember the full name of a drug. However, our system is able to correct spelling and in most instances figure out what is being searched for. Many users have given positive reviews regarding the effectiveness of our online system.