About Us

Medical portal RegRX is one of the most popular information guides specializing in medicine, pharmaceutics, health, and beauty.

We are constantly and actively expanding our database listings of medicines and pharmacies. Moreover, additional customer sections provide many opportunities for users to find and share the right information.

Contained on our portal, users can find instructions on how to take any drug of interest, information about diseases, health articles, medical news, and doctor blogs.

We also offer a separate section on prices and availability of drugs sold in online pharmacies as well as if it is possible to reserve medications at a discount from any of the select pharmacies.

We have developed the most convenient search, which allows users to quickly find the required information. Search results are structured so that users are immediately directed to the webpage of interest when clicking on a link. All information contained on our website is updated daily, and in some instances hourly.

When using our website, customers always receive current and reliable information as well as reference prices for medicines. Our portal is not connected with any business structures or a specific pharmacy network. Therefore, all information is objective and obtained from independent sources.

If necessary, users are invited to use the feedback form and ask questions to a customer service specialist, check the availability of drugs sold in online pharmacies, and read instructions for use.